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Even More Ryanair

Some good ones here, Concorde and toilets…

Travel News – 22 July 2004

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Notes on Malaria taken during Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth’s talk at the adventure travel show 2004

Not all mosquitoes carry malaria
SE-Asia day biting mosquitoes are not malarious but carry Deng fever etc
Many mosquitoes carry more illnesses


Larium has had a bad press
If Larium suits you it is fine but is not suitable for 25% of people.
Chloroquine + Paludrine can cause morning sickness
Larium if you can use it for 3 weeks without symptoms – it should be fine
Best prophylactic cost ???€š?‚?£25 for 2 weeks
Doxycline can cause indigestion and sun rash
Maladrone only need to take 1 week after return cost ???€š?‚?£100 for 2 weeks
House mosquitoes don’t spread many diseases except???€š?‚? possibly elephantiasis (rare)

Malaria symptoms

High fever + diarrhoea, if you get symptoms visit a clinic for a blood test – the further you are from a malarious area the less likely you are to be diagnosed – remind doctor you have been in a malaria area – symptoms can come up to 3 months after infection


Malaria mosquito bites from dusk to dawn
Use a mosquito net – tuck into bed – impregnate with Permethrin – a plain net is no better than sleeping outside.
Cloths wear long loose cloths, long sleeves and trousers
Spray clothes with Permethrin/repellent


Deet – best repellent use 30-50% reapply every 2-3 hours – lasts longer on clothes
Merck 3535 best for eczema suffers in jungle gel or jungle jell extra (wasn’t sure which – check label)
Autan not very good — chemical changed – just smells nice – tested on easy species of mosquito.
Ben’s sold by Tesco’s – very good spread on by a pad.
Ticks are also repelled by repellents.

First aid

Savlon iodine spray good for cuts and grazes helps wound dry out.


DVT affects 1 in 1000 unlikely on flight less than 51/2 hours – move legs and fidget to prevent – raise feet to stretch calf’s is as good as walking about.
Most drugs are available abroad over the counter at a chemist.

Travel News – 19 July 2004

From the BBC:

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Something to do – if it rains !


I’ve just read a piece about the Millau viaduct and just got carried away searching for other “grand” projects – the Foster site is fun ! best wishes, Dick

Regent Street F1 06-07-2004

well we went along and saw the crowds, they where in place 3-4 deep from 4:30, no chance to see anything as a car is about 2 feet high at most, we found a great spot on the 3rd floor of liberty’s, looking out of the window, except the start was so late that the shop closed and we where turfed out onto the street.

i did hear a bit of noise and people said they didn’t run the route advertised, all in all it was poorly organised, despite what the paper say, the route needed to be longer for the numbers of people who wanted a view, in the end they cut it short for safety reasons.

here are some pictures i took, most at lunchtime before the crowds, the cars where guarded by fences and security people, who didn’t want you taking pictures. still i got a few over the fence

Travel News – 01 July 2004

Concorde aircraft opens to visitors Bulgaria closer to high-speed EU-rail link World airline traffic soars, says IATA Finland, Russia plan fast rail link The world’s best airport lounges Road trips: A parent’s survival guide, “The kids watch more TV in the car than they ever do at home.” Best-selling suncreams fail safety test