Notes on Malaria taken during Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth’s talk at the adventure travel show 2004

Not all mosquitoes carry malaria
SE-Asia day biting mosquitoes are not malarious but carry Deng fever etc
Many mosquitoes carry more illnesses


Larium has had a bad press
If Larium suits you it is fine but is not suitable for 25% of people.
Chloroquine + Paludrine can cause morning sickness
Larium if you can use it for 3 weeks without symptoms – it should be fine
Best prophylactic cost ???€š?‚?£25 for 2 weeks
Doxycline can cause indigestion and sun rash
Maladrone only need to take 1 week after return cost ???€š?‚?£100 for 2 weeks
House mosquitoes don’t spread many diseases except???€š?‚? possibly elephantiasis (rare)

Malaria symptoms

High fever + diarrhoea, if you get symptoms visit a clinic for a blood test – the further you are from a malarious area the less likely you are to be diagnosed – remind doctor you have been in a malaria area – symptoms can come up to 3 months after infection


Malaria mosquito bites from dusk to dawn
Use a mosquito net – tuck into bed – impregnate with Permethrin – a plain net is no better than sleeping outside.
Cloths wear long loose cloths, long sleeves and trousers
Spray clothes with Permethrin/repellent


Deet – best repellent use 30-50% reapply every 2-3 hours – lasts longer on clothes
Merck 3535 best for eczema suffers in jungle gel or jungle jell extra (wasn’t sure which – check label)
Autan not very good — chemical changed – just smells nice – tested on easy species of mosquito.
Ben’s sold by Tesco’s – very good spread on by a pad.
Ticks are also repelled by repellents.

First aid

Savlon iodine spray good for cuts and grazes helps wound dry out.


DVT affects 1 in 1000 unlikely on flight less than 51/2 hours – move legs and fidget to prevent – raise feet to stretch calf’s is as good as walking about.
Most drugs are available abroad over the counter at a chemist.