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Panorama from Blue Fin Building

Panorama from Blue Fin Building

and some more views of the roof garden.

Open House 2007

This weekend it’s open house weekend, lots of government buildings are open for free.

“Londoners are given direct access to the teams that design, construct, conserve and regenerate their environment. Alongside this are special programmes, activities and publications.”

Here’s London from the top of the Gherkin last year

Unfortunately I think I’ve seen most of the good stuff now, and there’s lots of queuing (lines).

This is the que/line at the bank of England last year

the bus stop is the 1.5 hour mark.

The Sultan’s Elephant

This weekend “The Sultan’s Elephant” came to town.

Pictures from friday afternoon/evening on the Mall.

[kml_flashembed movie=”/wp-content/photos/flashslideshows/sultans-elephant-friday.swf” height=”320″ width=”320″ /]


I live in London… I didn’t hear or see any bombs, or know anybody involved in yesterdays events, just what everyone else saw on TV, scary maybe but nobody is terrorised or afraid. Life goes on. Yesterday was a bit strange, the schools school were i work is closed today, so i get to sit at home, yesterday all the kid had to be picked up or the parents informed they were walking home. Most of the shops on Victoria St shut or didn’t open, except Sainsburys, the nationwide building society was even taping the letter box up. There were lots of people walking out of zone 1 at about 16:30, there were a few buses but they were mostly packed, strangle/surrealy there were people having their pictures taken with Big Ben in the background as usual and the boat trips on the river were still running, the London Eye was closed though. It only took 35 minutes to walk to the elephant which is not much longer than the bus usually takes, must be true that the traffic goes at 4 miles per hour, so i got home at the normal time. Paul PS: If you have any information that may help track down the bombers please telephone 999 or the Anti Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321