Regent Street F1 06-07-2004

well we went along and saw the crowds, they where in place 3-4 deep from 4:30, no chance to see anything as a car is about 2 feet high at most, we found a great spot on the 3rd floor of liberty’s, looking out of the window, except the start was so late that the shop closed and we where turfed out onto the street.

i did hear a bit of noise and people said they didn’t run the route advertised, all in all it was poorly organised, despite what the paper say, the route needed to be longer for the numbers of people who wanted a view, in the end they cut it short for safety reasons.

here are some pictures i took, most at lunchtime before the crowds, the cars where guarded by fences and security people, who didn’t want you taking pictures. still i got a few over the fence