[worldtravelexp] Accommodations and Car Rental in Spain

> We are also hoping to find a reasonable price for an economy rental car for three weeks.

For car hire you could try getting quotes from these consolidators.

they all resell the same cars. (Spain tends to run on the bring it back empty con, they make you buy a tank of gas when you pick the car up, you can’t get out of this)

Check that they include excess insurance (this might be $2-4 a day more) some include it others insure you and you have to pay for damage and claim the excess back from consolidator.

I’d also ask for a diesel, you’ll get twice the mpg and gas is expensive over here compared to the USA, about $6-8 a gallon (~$2/L), they have good engines and are as quiet as a normal petrol/gas car and you get lots of power from the turbo for overtaking.

Paul, London, UK