email posting test

Well I’m now up and running on wordpress, and have set up the modified wp-mail.php email posting hack ( and, so I have every thing blogger gave me but faster. I even got all the old posts transferred over without much hassle. The only fixes I’d like with wp-mail.php are with the conversion of URLs to links and emailing images but these should be fixable faster then waiting on blogger to sort things out, so it looks like it may be bye bye to Hello ( as I can post with greater flexibility by email.


2 responses to “email posting test”

  1. some notes:

    quotedprintable posts are not decoded
    pictures don’t appear in the text just at the end

  2. I’ve now fixed/added

    * added text link conversion to hyperlink
    * added quoted_printable_decode to message body
    * fixed removing sig option needed qp decoding to work
    * added encoding asci quotes html entities (I should add a check for html mail)

    pictures are still an issue, well i haven’t checked the quoted printable could have messed this up as well.