Ryanair to Block Sales from Some Web Sites

???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?Ryanair will seek to block some Web sites from selling its flights at what the airline called inflated prices. Some travel sites are routinely doubling the price of the carrier’s flights, Ryanair said Wednesday in a statement. Operators have also misled passengers about baggage allowances and other terms and conditions, the airline said.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚??

Link: http://www.redorbit.com

[edit] an update:

Ryanair blocks lastminute.com

???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?Europe???¢?¢?€š?¬?¢?€ž?¢s largest low-fares airline Ryanair has decided to block lastminute.com and other similar websites from ripping off its passengers by selling Ryanair flights at inflated prices.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚??

Link: http://www.m-travel.com