re: firefox

RE: Firefox Is a Worthy Adversary,1759,1708058,00.asp >It also lacks and doesn’t seem to have available??Æ’?‚?¢???€š?¢?€š?¬???€š”a spelling checker. have a look at the spellbound extension >Nor does there seem to be anything like the automatic form-filler, with password security for credit card numbers, which the Google Toolbar offers. a form filler is built in to firefox, have a look in the options, you can also use roboform in firefox and IE, giving you one store for both browsers. >I thought Firefox had finally gotten “the printing thing” right, which would be actually printing web pages so they look okay when spread across several (vertical) pages. I think this is an html/css issue that could be fixed with a simple print style sheet that does not give a page a width wider then the paper can handle. firefox is a vanilla browser that you can extend as you wish with the many enhancements available