Quality JavaScript from Scratch

???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?If you’ve avoided JavaScript, or only knew it in its previous ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?toy language???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? incarnations, now’s the time to step up and get to know the newer, smarter JavaScript. This hands-on tour will get you started with JavaScript before illuminating the ways in which the DOM can be utilised via JavaScript, the practicalities of pop-up windows, and how JavaScript can work within a web page to produce slick DHTML effects.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚??

Link: http://www.sitepoint.com


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  1. SteveK Avatar

    I was doing a google search to find out where Comments that are made to pictures in Picassa are stored so that I can be sure that I am backing them up when I back up Picassa’s database. I came across a response you had in the thread that I found and you were also wondering how this works. Did you ever find this out?