Month: March 2007

  • Grand Canyon glass bridge to open

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?The project has caused divisions within the Hualapai tribe Visitors to the Grand Canyon are to get stunning views from a raised glass platform being inaugurated on Tuesday.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link:

  • Ryanair to Block Sales from Some Web Sites

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?Ryanair will seek to block some Web sites from selling its flights at what the airline called inflated prices. Some travel sites are routinely doubling the price of the carrier’s flights, Ryanair said Wednesday in a statement. Operators have also misled passengers about baggage allowances and other terms and conditions, the airline said.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link:…

  • EasyJet Horror Stories

    Some EasyJet horror stories for a change.

  • RyanAir introduce ???¢?¢?€š?¬?‹Å“Fat Tax???¢?¢?€š?¬?¢?€ž?¢

    There goes my April fool joke, damn ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?Budget airline RyanAir today unveiled their new ‘pay as you weigh’ pricing policy that will mean extra charges for customers exceeding the airline’s recommended flying weight. Under their revised terms and conditions those passengers deemed to be ‘fatties’ will be charged an increasing scale of penalty charges for…

  • The real Yucatan, on beyond Cancun

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?In the late afternoon breeze, turquoise waves are crashing against the tiny gray rocky point, palms fronds are swaying over it and a pelican keeps swooping over the crescent of snow-white beach like a diner who can’t decide what to pick from tonight’s menu. I lazily sway in the breeze too, deep in my hammock…

  • Flights hit by BA sale to Flybe

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?The expanded airline will fly nearly 10 million people British Airways has sold the regional operations of its subsidiary airline BA Connect to Flybe, a move that will lead to about 900 flight cancellations. The airline said it would offer passengers alternative flights with either BA or Flybe, or a full refund.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link:

  • Mother booted off Easyjet flight for asking passengers to mind baby

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?To Ann Jordan and her family, it was simply a kind gesture from a fellow passenger who wanted to help resolve a problem. But instead of allowing one of her two young children to sit on the lap of another traveller during take-off and landing, the airline marched her off the plane.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link:

  • EasyJet to open Madrid Barajas base

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?EasyJet is launching a base at Madrid Barajas, its 17th, and said operations will start Feb. 16 with several new routes, details of which will be announced next month and will include domestic services. ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?Spain has been a key market for easyJet for the past 10 years and the new base will take our commitment…

  • Easyjet Calls for Cuts in Greenhouse Emissions

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?Low-cost airline easyJet called on airlines to cut greenhouse emissions on Wednesday, becoming the latest in a string of UK companies to broadcast a warning about the environment.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link: