Ryanair charges £4 for tap water

With no-frills air fares advertised as low as 99p, Ryanair has made a fortune out of offering passengers a cheap deal. But when the drinks trolley rattles down the aisle there is little chance of a bargain – but every chance the airline will make more of a profit.



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  1. Brian Bendor-Samuel Avatar
    Brian Bendor-Samuel

    That’s not the only way Ryanair increases its income. The airline charges Euro 7.00 per kilo for excess baggage. At Treviso (Italy) airport recently, the scales showed between 1.5 and 3.5 kilos when empty – before any baggage was put on. Protests to check-in personnel were in vain. Pay the excess or leave your luggage behind. When contacted, Ryanair denied responsibility claiming scales were owned and maintained by Treviso airport authorities. It was a Ryanair agent, however, who demanded payment and who issued a Ryanair receipt. The same luggage deemed overweight by Ryanair was later weighed at another low-cost airline at Gatwick and found to be 3.0 kilos below the limit.