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Photo blogging

As you can see I’ve been playing with the new Picasa2 and hello to post some pictures here, so far I like it.

I’ve also been delving into the inners of Picasa and now have the low-down on the template system they’re using and how to roll your own, I’ll be posting a how to soon and some xhtml 1 compliant replacements as well…

Hello World

Well here we are, this is my opening post. I’m currently interested in digital projection, it all seems far too complex at present, all I want is something digital to sit next to my Kodak Ectapro 9020 projector and do a similar job, show slides on a screen, nothing fancy. Sadly it all seem very complicated and expensive for anything with replaceable lenses that will throw the distance I need (10 meters). I think I was quoted ???€š?‚?£5000 so far, the Ectapro cost a mere ???€š?‚?£1800, cheap in comparison. Anyone had any luck with this?