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WordPress 2.5

Just upgraded to WordPress 2.5 everything went smoothly, plugins updated semi automatically, i just had to click some buttons.

i just have to get used to the new admin area now…

Ryanair gets Easyjet ad grounded

“As an airline, you know you’re in bother when Ryanair accuses you of making misleading adverts…

Rival low-cost operator Easyjet has been forced by the Advertising Standards Agency to withdraw some of its adverts, after Ryanair successfully argued that they were misleading. The ASA said they broke rules on ‘truthfulness, guarantees and substantiation’ and have told Easyjet that they can’t be used again.”


Ryanair signals huge rise in Edinburgh flights

“A CHEAP air travel bonanza has been signalled by Ryanair, with plans for dozens of new routes from Scotland’s largest airport over the next two years. The news came as the no-frills airline confirmed plans for 12 additional links from Edinburgh, as The Scotsman revealed yesterday.
In one of the largest-ever routes announcements in Scotland, the country will gain its first flights to Bratislava in Slovakia ???¢?¢?€š?¬?¢?‚¬Å“ 40 miles from Vienna ???¢?¢?€š?¬?¢?‚¬Å“ and to Lodz in Poland.
Edinburgh will also gain a further four new routes: to Berlin, Bournemouth, Dusseldorf and Wroclaw in Poland.”

Link: http://news.scotsman.comthe

RyanAir Online Check-in

“Further passing on the costs of service directly to the consumer, RyanAir recently altered their check-in model. Whereas online check-in was formerly linked to priority boarding and was a privilege to be purchased for 6 euros, they have turned the tables and made online check-in the free standard, with anyone needing counter service (namely to check in a bag) charged an additional 3 euros per flight. I was surprised this didn’t happen sooner.”


Eurostar versus Easyjet

“We’ve all seen the one cent ultra-cheap fares that Ryanair, Easyjet and and other low cost carriers (LCCs) frequently offer from European hubs. It’s a great way to skip around the EU if you’re flexible and haven’t got a lot of cash; it thus has recently become pretty popular with students and vacationers on a limited budget.”