Month: May 2007

  • Chancellor may take revenge on anti-tax Ryanair

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?A Gordon Brown government looks likely to take early revenge on Ryanair by legislating to force the budget airline to launch an online complaints service.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link:

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  • Venice wants St Mark’s tourists dressed and tidy

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?Venice will deploy stewards in Saint Mark’s square to prevent tourists from stripping off their T-shirts, taking a nap or dropping fast-food wrappers in the piazza that Napoleon dubbed ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?the drawing room of Europe.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? ???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link:

  • Ryanair’s Obvious Southwest Rip-off

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?I’m sure most of you have heard of Southwest Airlines’s cheap airfare notification system called DING! It’s a little program you download that sits in your taskbar and alerts you with Southwest’s famous in-flight *DING!* when a low fare pops up.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link: