Month: April 2006

  • Largest cruise ship set for maiden voyage

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?The world’s largest cruise ship docked in England on Saturday ahead of its inaugural trip — a floating behemoth four times the size of the Titanic, with facilities never imagined at the dawn of the liner age.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link:

  • New Rough Guides Phrasebooks

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?Recorded by native speakers, audio files can be downloaded for FREE online, and then transferred to an iPod or other MP3 player. Ideal for practicing your pronunciation and polishing your accent, either before you travel or while on the road.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link:

  • Stunning wildlife adventure in Kenya’s Masai Mara

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?What strikes you most about the Masai Mara, a massive game reserve in Kenya, is the amount of wildlife roaming its grassy plains. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of animals dot the landscape — from elephants and lions, to cheetahs, giraffes and the always cranky wildebeest.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link:

  • EasyJet takes Italy to court over ‘ludicrous’ ban on flights

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?EasyJet vowed yesterday to press ahead with legal action against the Italian government after it was prevented from launching a new low-cost route between Milan and Sardinia.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link:

  • Ryanair flight ordeal ‘absolutely disgraceful’, says passenger

    and it’s not Ryanair’s fault this time… “Ryanair passengers were today talking about the fear and anger they experienced after being caught in the midst of a bomb scare.” Link:

  • Ecovia do Litoral (Coastal Eco-Road), Portugal

    I read about this in Portugal. ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?In approximately March 2007 the 214 km of the Ecovia do Litoral (Coastal Eco-Road) should be finished, announced the President of the Junta Metropolitana do Algarve, Mac??Æ’?‚??rio Correia, yesterday in Sagres, in a ceremony to lay the first stone of the project. Thought of as being essentially for cycle…

  • Scientists Find Cheaper Way to Treat Malaria

    A follow up on a past enews article. ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?UC Berkeley researchers have engineered yeast to produce a precursor to artemisinin, the most effective antimalarial drug known — an achievement that could drastically lower the cost of the drug.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link:

  • Crackpot route for confused sat-nav drivers

    ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?Modern technology is providing a route to madness for motorists and driving people to distraction in a tiny Yorkshire Dales hamlet called Crackpot.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link: [edit] Well i had to check and there really is a Crackpot in Yorkshire, you can find it here on google maps.

  • Ryanair Flight Lands At Army Base By Mistake

    This would be better if it was a Ryanair plane and not one operated by Eirjet on its behalf… ???¢?¢?€š?¬?…?€?A passenger jet flying for Ryanair mistakenly landed at Ballykelly Army airstrip Wednesday, instead of at its intended destination of City of Derry Airport, six miles away.???¢?¢?€š?¬?‚?? Link: