Monthly Archives: December 2005

Lonely Planet taking some heat

“The popular Lonely Planet is taking some heat for their new Blue List
book. The New York Post (Dec. 20, 2005) writes that the book contains “three pages of anti-American cliches, portraying us [citizens of the USA] all as obese,
idiot war-mongers obsessed with dieting, nude vacations and raucous
St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.” I suppose it’s worth noting here (as
the Post does) that Lonely Planet is an Australia-based company.”

What Cards Are Friendliest to Frequent Fliers?

“FOR millions of travelers, credit card reward programs are the best
way to score free airline tickets and hotel rooms. But with credit
card issuers and travel companies ratcheting up the competition for
customers in recent months – for instance, JetBlue recently rolled out
a new card with American Express – how do you know which card in your
wallet is worth reaching for?”

Ryanair faces Belgium fraud claims

“The Belgian judiciary has accused Irish budget airline Ryanair of
forgery and fiscal fraud, it was revealed on Wednesday. Federal police
in Charleroi have summoned two directors of the company, Michael
Cawley and Bernard Berger, to answer questions about the allegations
at the start of December.”