Month: June 2004

  • Travel News – Friday, 25 June 2004

    Air travel: The best or worst of times? High hopes for fast ferries on the Great Lakes Eurotunnel slashes prices New rules over travel warnings

  • Travel News 16/06/2004

    Passport Delay Call,,30000-13130079,00.html San Diego Hit by Earthquake,,30200-1139565,00.html June is the ‘Sexiest Month’,,31500-13119297,00.html Holiday Firms Slammed,,30100-13130205,00.html Spotlight shines on ‘Masters of Florence’ Tuvalu: Paradise under threat Tokyo is world’s priciest city Concealed fault caused Bam quake

  • Travel News

    Virgin Express, Alitalia in pricing row Iran tourism project to rival Dubai The rise of self-service travel

  • Travel News

    Spotted on the register… Airlines ground online ticket price gouging Price discrimination in the sale of airline tickets online is no longer a problem in Europe, the European Commission confidently asserted today.

  • More ryanair news

    Strange how one story can be reported different ways and how not making as much money becomes a loss when it’s really not as much profit. Read on… IHT: Ryanair slips to a net loss … Ryanair slips to a net loss. Bloomberg News Tuesday, June 1, 2004. … It’s not really that Ryanair has…

  • Crazy

    I recieved this today as part of an email Antigen for Exchange removed anabnr2.gif since it was found to match the FILE FILTER= *.gif file filter. The file anabnr2.gif has been quarantined. To have the anabnr2.gif delivered from quarantine please forward the message with the quarantine attachment to the DEP Helpdesk and we will deliver…

  • Happy Brithday Moon Handbooks

    25th Anniversary of Moon Handbooks South Pacific In June, 1979, Moon Publications of Rutland, Vermont, published the 1st edition of South Pacific Handbook. A quarter century later, Moon Handbooks South Pacific is still the leading travel guide to Polynesia and Melanesia, with an 8th edition due from Avalon Travel Publishing in late 2004.

  • Free Events in London

    If you are in London in June/July you might want to check these events out, you can get free tickets from Cultural Co-operation is an independent arts charity that promotes cross-cultural contact, dialogue and understanding. Our main activity is the international summer Music Village, Europe’s longest running festival of world culture. The 18 Music…